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About the Company Director

Writing about oneself is always difficult.  I can only say that after 15 years of extensive experience in conducting surgeries and scientific research in the best medical centers of Moscow, in 1991 I received an invitation to come to Germany to continue my scientific work at the Nuremberg Clinic and at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Our university is among the top five best universities in Germany. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Nuremberg Clinic offered to me funding my research for 2 years. After I finished my research, I was offered another contract, this time as a permanent staff position at the clinic. Thus I was lucky to work nine more years as a vascular surgeon at one of the top European centers.

In 2003, during a memorable meeting and conversation, the Director of the hospital suggested that I should found an international department at the clinic. I truly love "our" clinic, I personally know many of its staff members and even though there are more than 6,000 people, I know many professors and they know me. I say this not  to emphasize my own importance, but to highlight the fact  that because of these close and long-germ personal contacts, I can call any colleague in the hospital any time day or night if I need to discuss medical questions about checkup or treatment of a patient,  or get recommendations about the possible course of actions. That is why when I'm calling the hospital accounting department, I speak on very concrete terms and inquire about prices for specific medical services. Personal contacts are always very important. You have probably already read somewhere on this website that we have our own aircraft, fully equipped with intensive care facilities with a resuscitation unit. For such patients I do not differentiate time as work vs. off-work. My office phone always transfers the calls directly to my mobile and I always have it nearby even in sleep. It often happens that I have to make decisions at night and on weekends. This expedient mode of responding to patients’ needs is absolutely impossible at some other clinic with which I am not familiar. By the way, for such patients we have a special permit to fly them into Germany on board of our aircraft even if they do not have a German visa - which they can get then directly upon arrival the airport.

There is a purpose why I mentioned that I am a doctor myself and defended my doctoral dissertation in 1991. Over many years of medical practice in Germany, I learned a good deal about German health care, its strengths and weaknesses. This is very important for me and for my patients, because I have to make important decisions where and to which clinic to direct the patient. For this, I have only one criterion. I take our patients wherever I would go myself if I had this same ailment. There are no other criteria.