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Accomodation for your entourage

For those who are accompanying the patient, we can offer several accommodation options.

We can reserve a hotel of any price level, from 3 to 5-stars. For patients in the "First Class" VIP suite there is a possibility of renting a single room with full board for a “all-inclusive” price of 250 euros per night.

We can also offer to the patients and their families accommodation in our two-room apartment, located in the house across the street from the hospital. This apartment is usually reserved for ambulatory patients who arrive for a long outpatient therapy for a month or more. The apartment is fully equipped with everything you need, including internet and TV.

Many patients refrain from using our hotel reservation service, explaining it with the fact that it is possible to arrange it via internet and tourist agencies. To this I would like to reply that many years of experience with hotels in Nuremberg have shown that during times of big exhibitions and major events, all the hotels are simply overbooked. However, many hotels keep several rooms reserved for us and our patients and at prices lower than the ones indicated in internet. This is how partnerships and cooperation work here and this tradition is very valued in Germany.