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At present, our company employs 14 people, 9 of whom are translators and “all-around service” representatives. Many of them began working with me already in 2003 and since then have accumulated extensive and solid experience in the sphere of organizing checkups and treatment for more than 3000 patients. These are people who are known and respected by the doctors and medical staff of the hospital, people who are extremely competent in interpretation and translation of medical terms - and these are all very important aspects, needless to say.

Over the years, our all-around service team has perfected the precise and most efficient way of functioning, our staff is always ready to help patients also after the end of treatment to obtain medication or other aids, to help patients and those accompanying them in any way. We organize shuttle transfer service to and from the airport, we always can help in extending the visa if that is required for medical reasons, rebook the tickets, reserve the hotel and much more.

Many patients say, nevertheless: "Why do we need an interpreter? We speak fluent English or German." All of this is true, but not quite. Even perfect knowledge of the language may not be enough when it comes to translating specific medical terms, describing the nuances of one’s health problem, specifically stating the nature of the complaints, indicating the nature and history of past surgeries and diseases.  Besides translation help, our staff also accompanies the patients through all the doctor appointments. You have to understand that the Nuremberg clinic consists of 25 buildings and when the nurse tells the patient to go for an X-ray, the natural question arises: "Where is it?" When a patient has 8-10 appointments in one day, all of them in various buildings and departments of the hospital, the carefully planned schedule and precise help become very important. That is what our “all-around service” representatives is for.