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Travel arrangements

We have our own transport at our disposal. The car models are Audi with high comfort and service level. Our drivers perform transfer service from Frankfurt and Munich airports to Nuremberg and back. 250 km distance from Frankfurt remains hardly noticeable for the passenger.  True, there is a high-speed train that goes from Frankfurt airport directly to the central train station of Nuremberg, but the cost of 2-3 tickets exceeds the cost of our transfer by car. And then you also have to add up a taxi ride from the station to the hotel. And how to tell the driver the hotel address and how to explain at the hotel that a room has been booked? That is why our chauffeurs can meet the patient after customs control at the airport, bring him to the hotel and help him get registered, settled down. They also provide the patient with all the necessary information about the city and agree that on the day of the medical checkup they will meet the patient in the lobby of the hotel and will accompany him to the clinic.