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Medical Park Rehabilitation Center

What is "Rehabilitation"?

Many patients associate this word with a sanatorium where one can while away the time doing nothing, lying in bed, reading and watching TV – and this way improving one’s health after a sickness. This does not quite correspond with the reality.

Rehabilitation is an intensive treatment needed by patients who underwent spinal or joints surgery, had an apoplectic stroke or neurosurgical procedures, when an arm or a leg has lost part of its function, or one’s speech is impaired. Rehabilitation is needed after a heart attack. Our physicians and specialists will decide the scope and type of rehabilitation procedures.

MedicalParkBadRodach rehabilitation center treats patients with orthopaedic and neurological problems, as well as sportsmen.  It also provides basis for rehabilitation of patients after spinal injuries and those who underwent a course of treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Rehabilitation in Germany provides ideal conditions for recuperation after a disease, an accident or a trauma.

In Germany, rehabilitation is part and parcel of the medical care process. Scientific research has proven that an inpatient rehabilitation, i.e. stay at a rehabilitation clinic for several weeks, always positively affects the health of the patient.

The physicians and medical staff of the Medical Park have your recovery as their goal so that you could come back to the normal professional and social life with your health regenerated to the maximum.

Here you can see the photos taken at the Medical Park.