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What is the meaning of "Rehabilitation"?

Many a patient associate this word with a sanatorium, where you do not do anything after treatment sessions except for idly laying around reading a book or watching television. The satisfactory rehabilitation helps patients recover quickly and improve their overall physical and mental functioning.

At our rehabilitation centers inpatient and outpatient aftercare is made available for orthopaedic, neurosurgical and post surgery accident related injuries, rehabilitation programs after joint replacement surgeries including spine surgeries, rehabilitation of internal medicine and cardiovascular-related diseases, rehabilitation of dysfunctional body parts and helping stroke patients to relearn language and communication skills with speech therapy, treatment of arthrosis, pain therapy on outpatient and inpatient basis, amputee rehabilitation program including fitting with an artificial limb/prosthetics training. Our physicians will advise you with regard to the treatment and its extent necessary.

At «Medical Park» you are cordially welcomed in seven rehabilitation centers and two outpatient therapy enters in the most beautiful vacation areas in Germany. You can make yourself feel comfortable and recover under optimal conditions at one of the prevention & rehabilitation centers at the premier spa resort Bad Kissingen. Above the city rooftops of Wiesbaden, you will find wellness, fitness, beauty and more at the Grand Hotel «Nassauer Hof» in Wiesbaden, a 5 Star Deluxe Hotel. Just describe your needs, we will satisfy your concern offering you an individually tailored program for optimal regeneration.